thisiszircon: The Seventh Doctor admires one of Ace's best features. (doctor who)
Fandom: Doctor Who
Pairing: Seven/Ace
Rating: PG-13
Timeline: New Adventures universe, after Ace has left the TARDIS.  Seven is currently travelling with Bernice, Roz and Chris.  Departs canon.
Disclaimer: Doctor Who belongs to the BBC.  Virgin Publishing owns the New Adventures.

Summary:  An underground laboratory, a nefarious villain, and a TARDIS crew that are having an off-day.  Just as well that the Seventh Doctor likes to keep an Ace up his sleeve...

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 Kate Bush is one of my musical heroes.  She last played live in 1979.  I was convinced I would never have the privilege of seeing her play.

A week ago, she announced - to the astonishment of pretty much everybody - that she'd be playing fifteen shows at the good old Hammy O.

A few days ago that number of shows grew to twenty-two, due to the demand for tickets.

Tickets went on sale this morning at 9:30am.  I was ready, but hardly dared hope I'd be lucky enough to get tickets.

I was right to be cautious.  Even after being thrown from the waiting room to the booking site proper, every date I clicked immediately came back as sold out.  I despaired.  Yes, I wept.

The tickets had all sold out within less than fifteen minutes, according to the BBC.

So it was with a vague sense of astonishment that my 'one last try' resulted in me finally being offered a transaction screen.

Wow.  Wow.  Wow.  Wow.  Wow.  Wow.

I am going to see Kate Bush in September.

Yes, still weeping...
thisiszircon: The Seventh Doctor admires one of Ace's best features. (doctor who)
 Oh Doctor Who.  You were my first love.  You are my most abiding love.  And today you are fifty years old, and that is rather wonderful.

In 1988, the 25th anniversary was celebrated by a 'special' episode (that I suspect would have existed, whatever the season).  I watched the Seventh Doctor whizzing down a rope into a Dalek shuttlecraft like he was trying out for the Krypton Factor, and I watched a Dalek actually floating up some stairs, and I was in fangirl heaven.  And then, of course, I remembered that the BBC felt nothing towards my show but contempt and embarrassment, and I sighed and longed for the days when a landmark anniversary was celebrated by a super special episode, preferably with multiple Doctors and lots of hype.

Sometimes I wonder whether I fell asleep some time in the nineties and this is all my fangirl dream...

So happy birthday to you, show.  You've been innovative and magical and exciting and thought-provoking and utterly incomparable for fifty years, and you are the only television show in the world that can say that.  (Quite probably, you're the only show that will ever be able to do so.)

I love you, Doctor Who.  With all my (sadly singular) heart, I love you.

Now if you'll excuse me, I have a settee to go and get comfy on, and fangirl squeals to contain...


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